Moving Your Media Online

Tom McHale

Developing an online presence is crucial for today’s journalist, and the GSSPA is here to help.

We can host your online school newspaper if you are a GSSPA member and use WordPress. We can even offer you a custom theme designed for school newspapers that has a slideshow of top stories, a featured content section, top headlines, video posting, and social media updates. Your website address will be a subdirectory of the website for example: or /school initials
Click here for an example of what this template might look like.

We even have a lesson plan developed by Andi Mulshine to help you get your students started thinking and working online.

Another benefit of hosting your website through the GSSPA is being linked on the Student Center site. School media (news sites, bloggers, etc) that are linked on this site, will be eligible to be featured in the content of the week post.

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