Columbia Gold Key awarded Friday

Andi Mulshine

Three members of the GSSPA Board are Columbia Gold Key recipients after Friday's awards ceremony at Columbia University. From left are Andi Mulshine, the newest recipient, and John Tagliareni and Bonnie Blackman, who were so  honored in previous years.

Three members of the GSSPA Board are now Columbia Gold Key recipients following Friday’s awards ceremony at Columbia University.

Andi Mulshine of Communications High School in central New Jersey received the Gold Key Friday and was joined by past recipients John Tagliareni and Bonnie Blackman.

Gold Key honorees each receive a gold key at Columbia University’s Lowe Library, where the ceremony is held each year; and a plaque describing the purpose of the award.

As written on the plaque, the Gold Key is awarded for “outstanding devotion to the cause of the school press, encouragement of the student editors in their several endeavors, service above and beyond the call of delegated duty, leadership in the field of education, and support of the high ideals from which this association has drawn its strength and inspiration.”