Alert: Newspaper and Yearbook Contests

Andi Mulshine

Deadline for entries – July 1.

It’s time to reap rewards for this year’s hard work. Your staff members have written, designed and photographed some great content this year. The Summer Newspaper and Yearbook contests  allow them to compete for awards in many categories. Simply follow the directions on forms available under the Contests tab on the right. Preparing your entries is simple and quick. Out-of-state professionals are standing by to judge your work.

Newspaper members: you can enter up to 48 entries in 13 categories, or send just one entry in one category. It’s up to you. Categories include news, opinion, features and sports writing, photography, cartooning, review writing and more.

Yearbook members: An experienced judge from out of state will mark a thorough critique form and give you points in each category. Explanations and the critique will accompany each returned entry. Judges will be encouraged to write in your book, pointing out specific kudos and constructive criticisms.

Awards will be announced at Fall Press Day, which is Monday, Oct. 28, at Rutgers’ Busch Campus Center.

Questions? Contact Susan Everett at [email protected].