About Us

The Garden State Scholastic Press Association is a non-profit organization providing resources for advisers of school publications, broadcast news programs and online news sites. We also serve student journalists in New Jersey’s high schools and middle schools.

The GSSPA offers scholarships and an online home for students. We offer contests and critiques for both newspapers and yearbooks, conferences and workshops for students and advisers, and much more.

The GSSPA is a proud partner with the New Jersey Press Foundation.

Our main services are the Fall Press Day and Spring Advisers’ Conference, our Summer Newspaper Contest, and the annual NJ Journalist of the Year award, which includes the $5,000 Bernard Kilgore Scholarship. There is also the annual Bob Stevens Memorial Scholarship. which awards $1,500 to the winning applicant.

Advisers must be members of the GSSPA for their students to be eligible for awards or to attend the conferences. The membership fee is $25 per year, which is included in the $40 Fall Conference fee, or can be paid separately if you cannot attend the conference.

We welcome volunteers to help plan the conferences, run the contests and present workshops at the conferences. If interested (or if you have any contacts in the press or broadcasting who might be interested) in giving workshops or helping out in another way, please fill out our participation form and send it to us. Contact us or watch our What’s New page for notices about upcoming meetings.

The GSSPA is also a resource for information about national scholarships and other services available through other regional, state or national organizations. Elections for the Executive Board are held every year at the Spring Advisers’ Conference.

For more information, please contact the GSSPA through President Bill Allen at [email protected]


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